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hakumi6 [userpic]

Inu X Boku SS fanart dump

April 15th, 2012 (02:28 pm)

current mood: busy

Long time no see~! How are you guys? :D

Anyway, I've recently become obsessed with a new series fandomhopping again (why is this fandom so small D:) through watching the anime on Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, the anime is one of those 12-episoders that doesn't give justice to the plot or depth to the story. If you understand Chinese, you can read the manga up to chapter 33 here. Anyway, the animation is quite lovely and the second tier characters are unique and fun. One character that deserves special mention is Kagerou (though I didn't draw him this time). He's just...XDD. My favorite so far is Natsume-san though you can probably tell based on my scribbles. Ahem. Well, without further ado:

These two are so meant to be, though Soushi is a lolicon hentai super sadist stalker /lol. The gratuitous Ririchiyo-fanservice in the anime was kind of getting to me though. (I guess that's the only way you can tell that inuboku is actually a shonen series, though the fight scenes are executed well)
Again, another pair that's meant to be. Oddly enough, since I don't usually ship canon ships lol. On a side note, how is it possible for Karuta-chan to be so cute?!! Seriously!!111one. btw she's holding a baked yam I want one...!

...and this one is a bit of a spoiler, since  the story takes a sharp turn down the dark path after chapter 15 and everyone but Sorinozuka dies DX.
"...not alone..."

Natsume-san...! There are so many things to like about him~~ /personal bias. Though I wish he got a costume change when transforming into his youkai form too. Plus his VA is Mamoru-san, so...
And of course, the obligatory GB part...I can't help it! I guess the problem is that I tend to like guys as characters but prefer to draw female bodies! /lolsob

Well, that's it! I was too lazy to color this time orz. Thanks for your time \^o^/


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Posted at: July 22nd, 2012 12:31 pm (UTC)


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